About us

About us
The Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) at Yonsei University brings together faculty, research scientists, students, industry partners, government affiliates, and the community to enable a sustainable future with an environmentally-benign energy platform. Satisfying the demand growth of energy while reducing environmental foot-prints has been a critical issue given industrial development and climate change. CEE conducts innovative research from the perspective of thermal science to tackle down these issues. CEE also supports a number of events that bring students and researchers together with industry professionals and the broader community for in-depth discussion. In addition, CEE provides students with beneficial educational experiences that can introduce breakthrough solutions for energy and environment.

Launched in 2018, CEE was jointly founded by Professor Jungho Hwang, Professor Soonho Song, and Professor Jongsup Hong of Mechanical Engineering. Research scientists, students, and facilities affiliated with CEE are housed at the heart of Engineering Halls at Yonsei University. Several research projects supported financially by the government and industry have been performed under the supervision of CEE.

Executive Director: Jungho Hwang
Associate Director: Soonho Song
Media Outreach: Jongsup Hong